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NAAEE 2009 Conference: Abstracts for this year's North American Association for Environmental Education Research Symposium

Dear Environmental Education Researchers,

Abstracts for this year's Research Symposium in Portland OR are due 1 FEBRUARY---less than 2 weeks away!

Please submit your abstracts on the NAAEE website http://www.naaee.org/conference/call-for-presentations/call-for-presentations.

This year's Symposium will be an opportunity to continue to learn from each other about research ideas, approaches, and results. In addition to presentations, posters, and roundtables, we will continue our discussions started last year about a larger EE research agenda. Also we are adding two new formats this year.

Consilience: Power of Partnerships. In line with EO Wilson's 1998 book Consilience and with the conference partnerships theme, we will be inviting speakers from fields related to EE (such as environmental psychology, environmental justice) to lead discussions about how EE might work with other disciplines to expand our thinking about research questions and approaches. (Consilience refers to the ability of different disciplines to support each other, and thereby to advance knowledge (Wilson, 1998)).

The Doctoral College. The Doctoral College will provide opportunities for 6-8 students to spend time with two highly-experienced faculty sharing their work and engaging in discussions about challenges in research. Each student will have 20 minutes to present their work to the group. A further 25 minutes will be available for questions and discussions. The approach is based on the highly successful ESERA (European Science Education Research Association) Summer Schools.

If you are interested in being part of this unique event, please send an email to Justin Dillon ([email protected]). Please also submit a regular abstract using the online system, including in the title or your presentation the words: "Doctoral College."

Please join us in submitting a presentation proposal and in participating in discussions at the Research Symposium. Because of Portland's location, this year we expect to draw in some new faces from the Pacific Northwest, which should add to our usually engaging and productive discussions.

Marianne Krasny Research Commission, Chair Elect

Justin Dillon Research Commission

The Power of Partnerships: Making a Difference through EE Research    October 6-7, 2009, Portland OR Abstracts Due: February 1, 2009

Research Symposium Overview. Consistent with the overall conference theme, "The Power of Partnerships," the Research Symposium will explore how environmental education researchers partner with their colleagues espousing different methodological approaches, with environmental education practitioners, and with researchers from other disciplines (e.g., environmental psychology, science education, sociology, ecology, or social-ecological systems). The symposium also will address if and how partnerships make a difference in environmental education practice and policy. We seek critical reflections on challenges, successes, and opportunities for partnerships. Practitioners seeking partnerships are welcomed and encouraged to share their needs and critical reflections.

The goals for the 2009 NAAEE Research Symposium are: 1. Facilitate discussion of EE research results, conceptual models, and ideas. 2. Foster a dialogue about "The Power of Partnerships: Making a Difference in Policy and Practice." 3. Provide opportunities for graduate student professional development. 4. Facilitate discussion of an EE research learning organization.

-- Marianne E. Krasny Professor and Chair Department of Natural Resources Fernow Hall 118 Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853-3001 email: [email protected] phone: 607-255-2827, cell: 607-280-0801

http://krasny.dnr.cornell.edu/ -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Erin A. Kelly Assistant to the Chair, Dr. Marianne Krasny Department of Natural Resources 118 Fernow Hall Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853 Phone: 607-255-2822 Fax: 607-255-0349 E-mail: [email protected] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~