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Earn free school and office supplies for your organization!

Schoolhouse Supplies is recruiting new non-profits to be a part of our Pickup Partner (PUP) program. By picking up donations for us, you earn certificates for shopping trips to our free school supply store! One shopping trip is worth an average of $200-$250 in supplies! Here’s how it works…

The purpose of the pickup partner program is to provide donors with an easy way to get their donations to Schoolhouse Supplies and to allow other nonprofit organizations the same access to our services that Portland Public teachers receive. When a donor calls Schoolhouse Supplies and wants a donation picked up, we send out a request to all of our PUPs via e-mail. The first PUP to respond to the email “wins” the pickup and will receive contact information for the donor to arrange a mutually convenient time to do the pickup. Once the donation is dropped off at Schoolhouse Supplies (2735 NE 82nd Ave.) the Pickup Partner will then receive a certificate to shop during normal store hours.

If you would like to become a part of this program, or would like more information, please contact Mark Wilson, SHS Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] or 503-249-9933.