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Looking for a volunteer to help us trim our hedges!

 The bushes around our building got very hurt by the snow and ice last month, and we would love to have someone come help get them tied up, and trimmed.  Would you be available to come rescue them?  It shouldn’t take more than a couple hours at the most…

Quest Center for Integrative Health is a community-based nonprofit health center. Our clients work directly with a team of clinicians to develop a well-rounded and individualized treatment program. Our programs and services empower our clients to make and sustain positive lifestyle changes using integrative, and western medicine.  In addition to our individual programs, we also serve those living with HIV, Cancer, and those overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction.  These services are available to all people, regardless of ability to pay.

If you’re interested in helping out, please give me a call – or an email!

Gretchen Bradley

Volunteer and Community Programs Coordinator

Quest Center for Integrative Health

2901 E. Burnside

Portland, OR 97214

503-238-5203 x 107 tel / 503-238-5202 fax



Empowering People, Nurturing Community, Promoting Health and Wellbeing