IRCO Volunteer Coordinator (Americorps VISTA)

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organization:Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
position summary:


MISSION: “To promote the integration of refugees, immigrants and the community at large into a self-sufficient, healthy, and inclusive multiethnic society.”

POSITION: IRCO Volunteer Coordinator

LOCATION: 10301 N.E. Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon, 97220 and related program sites in Portland.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: February 20, 2009


The member will help build volunteer capacity at IRCO in a variety of core program areas focused on poverty reduction including educational, employment, housing, health, English language and domestic violence related needs of IRCO youth, adults and senior citizens. The member will focus special attention on the needs of IRCO’s Africa House, a community service center focused African immigrant/refugees, IRCO’s SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) after school programming serving African and Asian students and other efforts that currently lack robust volunteer coordination and participation. Success will be measured by the extent to which the member’s service will improve IRCO’s volunteer coordination, increase volunteer recruitment from local immigrant/refugee communities and community at large and lead to clients gaining skills that lead to self-sufficiency or academic success.

ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: • Develop strategies, policies and procedures for coordinating volunteer recruitment, placement, training, management, and retention across IRCO programs, service locations. Coordinate with IRCO’s various program volunteer coordinators to centralize the volunteer recruitment, orientation, and reporting. • Create and compile monthly volunteer hours reports and year end report, complete and submit in a timely manner all AAHC required reports and timesheets; attend AAHC/AmeriCorps* VISTA sponsored orientation, trainings, meetings and disaster response as appropriate. • Develop English literacy curriculum and classes for African women in two locations; recruit, train, deploy and coordinate tutors. • Do community outreach, man displays at events and other public interface to recruit volunteers. • Develop and hold monthly volunteer orientations, occasional volunteer trainings and volunteer appreciation events, in coordination with program volunteer coordinators. • Create and maintain volunteer database. • Complete and submit in a timely manner monthly and annual IRCO volunteer hours reports and all AAHC required reports and timesheets; attend AAHC/AmeriCorps* VISTA sponsored orientation, trainings, meetings and disaster response as appropriate.


If the member has a car, IRCO will reimburse service related travel at IRCO’s standard reimbursement rate. If the member does not have a car, IRCO will provide a monthly bus pass. The member will also be eligible for IRCO’s transportation incentive program which provides bicycle or carpool commuters with up to $25/month in incentives. The member will also have access to volunteer coordinator training provided by the local professional training organizations. The member will enjoy the professional development benefits of being guided and mentored by IRCO’s Community and Donor Relations Manager. This will help the member understand the alignment of volunteer coordination goals with program development and fundraising goals, work collaboratively across organizational departments and develop creative problem solving skills.

CONTACT: For more information about this position, contact Rowanne Haley at 503 234-1541 ext. 191 or [email protected] TO APPLY: Email your resume and cover letter to Rowanne Haley at [email protected] and apply online at the Americorps Vista website at

Salary / Pay Rate:stipend of $800/month
Required Skills and Abilities:• Strong interest and desire to learn and practice volunteer coordination and related skills. • Strong relational and interpersonal skills. • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (combined education and experience may be substituted). • Experience and ability to work in a multicultural and multi-ethnic environment. • Ability to interact professionally and respectfully with persons from varied backgrounds, professions and interests. • Proficiency in the use of a personal computer, Microsoft Office and related software and other tools. • Excellent oral and written communication skills. • Strong public speaking and presentation skills. • Strong organizational skills, record keeping abilities, and attention to detail. • A positive, energetic, and outgoing approach to interpersonal communicating with diverse individuals. • Desire and ability to recruit and manage volunteers and coordinate large events.