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NOVAA Program Meeting - Feb 19thm noon to 1:30pm

 Creative Positions for Volunteers ... and ... Volunteer Recognition Ideas, Best Practices and Tips for Recognition on a Budget   President Obama has brought volunteering into the spot light!  This is great!  But, many of us have an abundance of volunteers!  What do I do with all these people?   Volunteer Recognition is as important as ever, but what are some creative ways to recongize volunteers?  My budget was cut in half, now what do I do?  Join us for our monthly NOVAA  (Northwest Oregon Volunteer Administrators Association) meeting on Thursday, Feb 19th as two NOVAA board members (LouAnne Tabada and Brenden Butler) lead a discussion on these topics.  We've got some good ideas to get things started ...  and then we want to hear what YOU'RE doing in your agency!   Date:  Thursday, Feb 29th   Time:  Noon - 1:30   Location:  Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Kempton Hall  

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