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City Repair Community Organizing Workshop this Thursday

The City Repair Project is hosting a series of ten workshops designed to assist all you organizers out there in working more cohesively, effectively and inclusively. If you are looking to build your skills around facilitation, community engagement, public speaking and a host of other activities, join us! These workshops will be useful for anybody interested in building a better world, so don't let thoughts of a lack - or an abundance - of experience stay your hand. On February 19th from 6-8 pm, join us at 3125 E Burnside for an Anti-Patriarchy training hosted by Christine Haboush of Siren Nation (http://www.sirennation.org/). Please arrive 10-15 minutes early, and bring a donation of $5-$10 for the workshop.  RSVP to Jane at [email protected]. More information about the City Repair Project can be found at www.cityrepair.org or by calling 503.235.8946.