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Contact Information

website link:www.ekoroots.com
address:PO Box 541
Gresham, OR  97030
principal contact:Yolanda Rose
email:[email protected]
[email protected]
contact note:8:00am-7:00pm Monday-Friday
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Contact Information

website link:www.cvision.org
address:1750 SW Skyline Blvd., Ste 102
Portland, OR  97221
principal contact:Kate Eberwein
email:[email protected]
phone:503-292-4964 x124
contact note:Hours 9am - 5pm
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Contact Information

website link:www.avitaboz.com
address:5257 NE MLK Jr. Blvd
Suite 201
Portland, OR  97211
principal contact:Samantha Sproson
email:[email protected]
phone:503 998 9560
contact note:Please contact Sam via email [email protected].
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Dual Diagnosis Anonymous of Oregon, Inc.

Peer support group program for mental illness and substance absue

Nonprofit Type: Human Services

Contact Information

website link:www.ddaoforegon.com
address:521 SW 11th Ave
Portland, OR  97205
principal contact:Corbett Monica, Executive Director
email:[email protected]
phone:(503) 222-6484
or toll free (877)222-1332
contact note:Stephanie Sandmeyer, Administrative Services Manager
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KAIROS Narrative Facilitation

Oral history, biography and digital scanning services

Services Offered: Research, Writing, Other

Contact Information

website link:www.kairosnarrative.com
address:3398 SE Waverleigh Blvd
Portland, OR  97202
principal contact:Stephanie Sandmeyer
email:[email protected]
phone:(503) 234-2111
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'Elders in Action'

Elders in Action volunteers work to solve problems, tackle important issues and help communities better serve older adults . We believe the quality of life should never depend on age and work to make communities more livable in the Portland metro area,

Nonprofit Type: Seniors

Contact Information

website link:http://www.eldersinaction.org/
address:1411 SW Morrison Ave.
Suite 290
Portland, OR  97205
principal contact:Mark Noonan
email:[email protected]
Main Line 503235-5474
contact note:E-mail: [email protected] PH: 503-235-5474 FAX: 503-595-7599 Become A Fan of Elders in Action on Facebook
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Contact Information

website link:www.impressive-events.net
address:7310 SE Jennings Ave
Milwaukie, OR  97267
principal contact:Barbara Malcom
email:[email protected]
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AFS-USA Intercultural Programs

AFS Intercultural Programs is a not-for-profit, multi-national, non-governmental organization dedicated to peace through the promotion of worldwide intercultural learning and living experiences, primarily for high school students.

Contact Information

website link:http://www.afsusa.org
address:506 SW 6th St
Second Floor
Portland, OR  97204
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Contact Information

website link:www.urban-research.info
address:2301 NW Thurman St Suite S
Portland, OR  97210
principal contact:Gina Clemmer
email:[email protected]
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The City Repair Project

City Repair is an organized group action that educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live.

Region(s) Covered: Portland

Contact Information

website link:cityrepair.org
address:3125 E Burnside
Portland, OR  97214
principal contact:Matt Phillips
email:[email protected]
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