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non-profit seeking office space: world pulse = ideal tenants!

Have you ever had a tenant who kept your space impeccable, sent you chocolate, and left you with echoes of a scintillating, inspiring conversation?

How about a guest who somehow left your space pulsing with more energy than it had before, who transformed it into a place where great people always wanted to be and stay?

How would you feel if you knew that by simply lending her a space for her team to work, so she could dream up something big, you had helped support her in ways that ultimately reverberated around the globe, transforming the lives of people everywhere?

Well, this guest is knocking on your door, and her name is World Pulse! (Visit worldpulse.com!)

Could YOU be her next host, by contributing office space, partial rent, office-zoned property, or a significant cash donation, towards the next World Pulse Home?

We are reaching out specifically to our incredible Portland community of supporters to request: If you or someone you know has connections to such a gift, please contact us!

Here's a breakdown of what we are seeking: 1. Minimum useable square feet = 500, but it would be a dream to have the possibility of growing to around 1000 SF 2. We would love a separate space or nook for private calls and interviews, or at least space to build one, or “cube” one 3. North and Northeast Portland close-in are our first picks, However close-in SE, and NW would also be considered 4. An owner who wishes to support the World Pulse vision could opt to donate some rent or utilities to make things closer to our budget 5. We would consider a “shared” office situation with other businesses, depending on just how “shared” J and what type of business 6. Foot Traffic – Our small team of around 5 comes and goes mainly during office hours (M-F, 8 am – 7 pm). We do not have retail foot traffic 7. We would like to make at least a year commitment for the right place 8. We are looking to move mid-May 2008

Help World Pulse to put her team’s talent and resources to work on our programs and not just on overhead! Your help is essential to bringing visibility and possibility to women worldwide, who are just waiting to share their ideas on global issues. Together we can unleash the possibilities of a world where women’s solutions are heard!

Please call us at (503) 331-3900 or email [email protected] today! Thank you for considering us. Yours in Gratitude & Partnership,

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