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Adelante Mujeres needs plots for organic farming

Adelante Mujeres is a non-profit organization in Forest Grove, Oregon committed to the education and empowerment of the low-income Latino families. As a part of this mission we offer an organic farming and small business development program. This program provides participants with a 22-week intensive organic farming and small business development course. Upon completion of this course Adelante Mujeres provides individuals with a small plot of land where they can use their newly acquired skills and start their small business. Adelante Mujeres manages the Forest Grove Farmers Market and offers a stall, free of charge, to project participants.

Ideally, Adelante Mujeres will manage two plots of land; one small educational plot of land, in or around Forest Grove, for beginning farmers and one, with larger plots for experienced farmers. In order for this program to continue Adelante Mujeres is searching for land for our participants. Below you will find our basic requirements for plots of land. If you own or know of land that fits these criteria, please contact Alejandro Tecum at 503-992-2041 or [email protected]

asic Requirements for Adelante Mujeres’ Organic Farming Program

The landowner must: Be open to participating in a contractual agreement. Understand that the land will be used for revenue generating and educational activities. Adelante Mujeres may bring foundations, individual supporters or others interested in our programs to the land.  Land owners must be able to rent the land at a reduced cost, or in exchange for labor or produce.  Land must be close to or in the city of Forest Grove, Oregon (Washington County), have access to affordable water, immediate access to bathrooms, openness to the presence of farmers and their families including small children, and be understanding that the land will have the aesthetics of a “working farm”.  We need access to a storage shed or space to build storage for tools and supplies.

Specific Needs for Small Educational Plot

At least ½ an acre of land and at least one year commitment but preferably three to five years.

Specific Needs for Larger Plots for Experienced Farmers

1-5 acres of land and a 5-10 year commitment to allow for soil improvement and business development