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CNRG Digest

How can I post my information to the digest?

First, check out the Netiquette page which contains CNRG's posting guidelines to make sure your post is appropriate for our list.

Then, after signing up for CNRG, you can email messages to the CNRG Digest at [email protected] or enter them online.

How do I sign up for the CNRG Digest?

First, create a new account (or login to an existing account).

Then you can choose 'My Subscriptions' from the menu on the left to manage your digest subscriptions.

How do I end my Digest emails (Unsubscribe)?

To unsubscribe, sign in to the site and choose 'My Subscriptions' from the menu on the left. Choose 'no subscription / unsubscribe' and CNRG will no longer send you email.

If you're having trouble unsubscribing, please send an email to our tech support at [email protected].